Chef Gail Sokol

As a cookbook author, blogger, and educator, I have had a lifelong love for the culinary arts. As a young child, I stole off with my mother’s cookbooks, and was mesmerized by them. After watching Julia Child and my grandmothers I was hooked. I would rather be inside exploring how to bake in the kitchen than playing outside with my friends. My mother gave me free rein in the kitchen as long as I didn’t burn the house down and I cleaned up. And I loved every minute of it!! The result is a career in baking.

Perhaps one of my most proud accomplishments is the publication of my textbook, About Professional Baking, which has a very wide audience and is used by some of the best culinary programs in the world. My own decision to focus on more home-based work led to my crafting a cookbook for the home baker, Baking with Success, which is available for order online.

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