Baking Out of Bags

I am getting down to the wire now, emptying out all of my cabinets and drawers for the BIG re-do of my kitchen. It really isn’t pretty with bags and boxes all through out the house.

Yet amidst all the turmoil, I am still finding a way to bake right up to the day of demolition. I must be crazy. Why do I do this to myself? I know why– because baking calms me down and is like a relaxing yoga-like exercise for me. Really? Really.

So today, I have decided to stockpile my freezer with homemade good-for-you muffins that my family and I can have in a pinch when there is nothing to cook or bake on during the re-do. Continuing to bake in these conditions causes other upsetting issues, I can tell you right now. Such thoughts run through my mind like: where exactly did I pack the baking powder or the salt? Where are the muffin pans?? I almost feel like a lab rat in some weird memory experiment. Hint to self: packing together what was originally in each cabinet really helps you remember where things are in each bag.

Baking must REALLY be RELAXING for me if I am willing to go through this, or like I stated before, I must really be cray cray.

I will leave you with this thought: baking out of bags is better than NOT baking at all!  At least for me. Six days until demolition.

Happy Baking!

Chef  Gail