Looking at the Dark Side of Baking Pans

Did you ever wonder why dark clothing makes you feel warmer than lighter clothing? Dark colors do not radiate energy back. They absorb it instead.

Did you ever wonder why I am writing about clothing on a baking website??

Dark things, whether they are clothes or baking pans, behave the same. Baked goods that are baked in a dark aluminum pan, for example, will bake to a darker color than a baked good placed in a glass Pyrex pan.

You may not realize these pearls of wisdom now, but wait until you bake something. The advice comes in handy and can really make the difference between a dark almost burnt cake and a lightly browned cake that looks much more appealing.

If you bake in a dark pan don’t worry. Some of my favorite pans are dark metal. Just watch and make sure the baked good is not getting too overdone. There are times when a darker color is desirable. A pie crust will always become more golden brown in a darker pie pan. That can be desirable when making a pumpkin pie, for example, which can create a soggy bottom crust if it is not baked well enough.