Never Go Searching for the Bottom of Your Springform Pan Again!

I can’t believe Fall is upon us already, and that means the holidays are soon to follow. I have a great tip for those of you that bring a cheesecake or other torte to a friend’s or relatives house and forget to take back the metal bottom of the springform pan. Go to enough parties and you may even forget where you left it.

Create your own substitute bottom with a cardboard cake circle. Just cut a cake circle to the exact measurements of the metal one that comes with the springform pan. Place the cardboard one on top of the metal one and trace it with a pen. Cut with a scissor and fit it into the ring of the springform pan. Put the pan together and It should be a VERY snug fit. You don’t want any leakage from cheesecake or other cake batter. Then set the springform pan onto a larger piece of aluminum foil and wrap the foil up the outside of the pan. If there is any leakage it won’t go through.

Once your cake or cheesecake is baked and cooled, cut around the sides, and release the pan separating the sides away from the cake. Now you can wash your intact pan and not worry if you will remember the false bottom that got left somewhere. Your pan is also free to bake more cheesecakes.

Next for a professional look, I get a larger cake circle, cover it with a doily of the same size and gently lay my cheesecake in the center. It looks beautiful and no worries!!

Happy Baking!

Chef Gail