Summer Memories Baking with my Grandma Etta Makes a Wonderful Throwback Thursday

In the summer time, as a little girl, I would stay with my grandma Etta and my grandpa Jack in their camp near Lake Luzerne. I can shut my eyes and still see and smell the memories. The wonderful scent from the pine trees and the delicious smells wafting from grandma’s kitchen.

Swimming, long walks around the lake and cookouts with relatives were among my favorite things to do. By far the most favorite memory I have is picking wild blueberries with my grandma. We ate so many it was a miracle that we had any left over for us to bake into muffins when we got back.

My grandma was my first baking teacher. She was the one that taught me how to cream butter and sugar for a cookie dough, and how to fold beaten egg whites into a sponge cake batter. She inspired me. I attribute my life long passion for baking to her.

Years later as a teenager, I won first place in many competitions in local fairs with that blueberry muffin recipe, with her permission, of course. Now that she is gone I still think of her whenever I take out my electric mixer and begin to bake!

Memories are wonderful and so powerful. I smell those muffins in the oven. They must be done. Got to go!

Happy Throwback Thursday and happy baking,

Chef Gail