Excitement Over My New Cookbook About To Come Out

I have been working on a new cookbook for the past year and a half! Thankfully, it is almost done. I am now going over the galleys for final changes before it goes into publication.

I am very excited to see the fruits of my labor completed, and yet it’s scary because no matter how many times one goes over a manuscript, even one with recipes and little actual text, there is always something else to edit or tweak.

Ever the perfectionist,  I guess I just want the book to be the best it can be. I love to teach baking and know this new book explains the how to’s in a simple and basic way that anyone can understand. There are some fantastic recipes as well!

What I am most proud of is that the photographs for this book were done by my daughter, Rebekah. She did an amazing job working with me sometimes late into the night, after a long day at work, to get just the perfect shot of each of my baked goods.

The food is the real focus in the photos of this book, so you can actually see all of the different textures of the baked goods up close. I knew that I wanted to create a cookbook like that so that when I looked at the pictures of the foods,  I would have a strong urge to make those delicious looking recipes.

Writing a book is like raising a baby. You nurture it and then you must let it go and it takes on a life of its own. I hope my new book has a nice long life and people buy it and use it well!

Happy Baking!

Chef Gail