So Proud of My Quantity Foods Class at The Sage Colleges

I wanted to give my students some experience cooking food for a large quantity of people, and they had their moment this past Wednesday, April 12th. They created a delicious and nutritious meal, and they sold it to the Sage faculty and students as a Take Out Meal that they called “Sage To Go”. It consisted of BBQ chicken,  vegetable tabbouleh, a corn muffin and maple butter and a dark chocolate oatmeal cookie.

It was a huge success with the students selling 104 meals!! The students actually cooked the food in the large dining hall of the school to get experience working with commercial kitchen equipment.

You should have seen them marketing and advertising the meal to their target audience, then cooking, baking, measuring out portions, and packing all the food up in plastic containers with labels on how to re-heat the food and store it. The bags they placed the food in also had the nutrition facts of each component of the meal included.

I am so very proud of them!! They worked so hard, and the food was amazing. You may ask how would I know this? Well, I purchased a meal so I could try it for myself, of course.

This was our first attempt for such an ambitious project like this one. It got such accolades that I would love to make this Take Out Meal the capstone project for next year’s class as well, and do it every year after that. A great learning experience!

Happy Baking (and cooking)!

Chef Gail