Proud as a Mother can be of My Quantity Foods Class

I teach a Quantity Foods class at a local college to Nutrition students who will become dietitians.  In this class, they need to get experience working with large quantities of food. You may wonder what the definition is of “large quantities”? Basically, it is being able to prepare food for at least 50 people.

This semester I am planning to have a Takeout meal for 100 people that my students will prepare in a large commercial kitchen at school. It just so happens to be the dining hall as well.

The students, working in small groups, are in charge of one aspect of the meal from costing the ingredients out, purchasing the food, preparing the food, boxing the finished meal in a sanitary and attractive manner, marketing and selling it to the school community, faculty, staff and students. For lack of a better term, it is a pop up catering event for just one day.

I forgot to mention that the meal is healthy AND scrumptious! I will give you a hint- the dessert is a yummy, healthy, dark chocolate oatmeal cookie that is to die for NOT from!

This project will give the students an idea of what it is like to deal with large amounts of food, and large pieces of kitchen equipment and tools. Some of the students may like it and some may not. Quantity Foods and its’ preparation are an acquired taste.

This world of “larger amounts” is key to working in an environment that caters to lots of people. For example, a hospital or nursing home, a school, college or a senior living community.

I am so proud of my students and their efforts towards making this project a success. The excitement is palpable. I guess I just needed to brag about “my kids” (that is how I refer to them). I really am a proud MOMMA!!

I will keep you posted on how the event, which is in April, pans out (pun intended), and let you know if we sell out all of our planned 100 meals.

Until then.

Happy Baking!

Chef Gail