There’s Comfort in My Chocolate Cake

I must admit that my favorite cake of all time is my Chocolate Java Cake. That is probably why I included it in my new cookbook Baking with Success and put a big  picture of it on the cover.

What makes it so scrumptious is the texture of the cake which perfectly complements the creaminess of the rich chocolate frosting. It even has a decadent chocolate coffee filling in which I use crushed chocolate covered coffee beans for an extra blast of java flavor. The combo of chocolate and coffee is killer!

The tender mouth feel of the cake is from using the creaming method of mixing. There are a few methods of mixing cakes, and this method has to be my all time favorite because of the light, yet firmness of the cakes it creates. It begins with creaming softened butter and sugar until they are light and fluffy. The air bubbles that are created, work with the chemical leaveners, helping to allow that cake to rise to a perfect height.

I am not a light and airy cake lover. No angel cake for me!  I like my cakes, especially my chocolate cake, to have some structure. I want to really be able to sink my teeth in it! The frosting should also hold its’ own against the density of the cake.  If you try this chocolate cake recipe you will experience chocolate nirvana.

If you are not much of a coffee fan I made a  video on my YouTube channel of a version of this chocolate cake without any coffee filling.

Please try this cake for your next occasion and you will be comforted and VERY happy!

Happy Baking!

Chef Gail