Teaching Puff Pastry at Different Drummer’s Kitchen

The class I taught at Different Drummer’s Kitchen was FANTASTIC!!! Everyone had a wonderful time getting right into the dough, and by the time the class was over, we as a group, were a puff pastry baking machine!

The class began at 1:00 and went to 3;30. It was perfect timing. I broke the class down into 4 groups, and each group got to form a dough with my guidance. Then the folding began. Since puff pastry is steamed leavened, there needs to be hundreds of layers of fat and dough. This includes making 4 letter folds before we could begin shaping our pastries for the oven.

I gave everyone my special tips for success on how to make the finest, and flakiest, puff pastry EVER!!  The class made a savory, Parmesan and pesto pastry, and then a sweet, pecan praline, caramel, glazed sticky bun pastry. You could smell these treats a mile away! Warm from the oven, both baked goods were spectacular.

If you could not make it to the class last Saturday, you can still see how to makes these incredible pastries on video on my web site: GailSokol.com . They are, also, in my newest book,”Baking with Success” .

I will let you know when I will be teaching another class, and I will hope to see you there!

Until then,

Happy Baking!

Chef Gail