Celebrating My Husband’s Birthday with Molten Chocolate Cake

My husband’s birthday was yesterday, and I wanted to have a special meal to celebrate. Of course, it was a crazy week so I was looking for a simple, yet stunning dessert that I know he would love. So I made my Molten Chocolate Cakes. The batter is SO easy to make that you can make it several days ahead,divide it into the ramekins and store it in the fridge until you are ready to bake them off.

During dinner, I took them out to get to room temperature before baking. They take only 16-18 minutes in the oven. That’s it! Then I carefully cut around each one, and invert them onto dessert plates. I love to serve them with ice cream and a few fresh berries.

Making these individual cakes took me back to the days when I was working in a restaurant, and molten chocolate cakes were all the rage and quite trendy and popular!  There are really two different ways to get the molten part. Did you know that?

One way is to make small balls of frozen ganache, and once you have filled the ramekins with the batter, you gently stick a ganache ball down into the center of the batter. You bake the cakes and as a guest cuts into the cake, the ganache oozes out all warm, and gooey.

The other way to make this oozy, chocolately fudge center is much easier and less work, because you don’t need to make any ganache. This second way is just to under bake the cake. It can be risky, since you must estimate the baking time and when it has baked just enough that only the center of the cake is still under baked.

My molten cakes came out GREAT!! And most importantly, my husband knows how much I love him.

Please make these easy cakes. So simple and so good! The recipe can be found in my new book, Baking with Success.

Happy baking!

Chef Gail